The Eagles haven spent a day 1 or day 2 pick on a running back

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canada goose uk black friday Hard decision because he's someone who means a lot to us individually and personally, but we felt it was the right thing to do."But what if, after testing the market and not finding a good fit or respectable salary, Foles decides that backing up Carson Wentz, and playing hero a few times per year is the better move for his career?Don rule out Foles deciding that if he can land the starting job in Jacksonville, Miami or uk canada goose jackets Washington, that he could choose to re sign with the Eagles on a canada goose outlet parka short one year deal, rather than sign to be a backup or compete in a situation that doesn serve him best. Foles being a free agent instead of the Eagles canada goose outlet los angeles property, does allow for teams around the league to possibly target him, while jettisoning their current signal caller.Jon Gruden could decide to trade Derek Carr, while his brother Jay could decide that Foles is the perfect replacement for Alex Smith in Washington as well. The Eagles haven spent a day 1 or day 2 pick on a running back since 2009 when the team selected the franchises all time leading rusher, LeSean McCoy in the second round.RelatedReport: Eagles meet with San Diego State OT Ryan Pope at NFL CombineEagles Pro Bowl RG Brandon Brooks back in the gym six weeks after Achilles surgery. canada goose uk black friday

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