Kim Kardashian, wearing Versace, with Kanye West at the Versace

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canada goose clearance sale Kardashian and West made their first public appearance together in months at the VVVIP catwalk presentation, which was also attended by Paris Jackson, Winnie Harlow and Blake Lively.Kim Kardashian, wearing Versace, with Kanye West at the Versace Pre Fall 2019 collection in New York. Picture: Daniel Zuchnik/Getty ImagesSource:Getty ImagesThe reality canada goose outlet germany star showed off her, um, assets. Picture: Daniel Zuchnik/Getty ImagesSource:Getty ImagesThe Keeping Up With canada goose and black friday the Kardashians star who often wears vintage and new season Versace pieces wore a low cut silver mail minidress by the luxury brand, teamed with a pair of perspex heels.Her hair was tied in a high ponytail, I Dream of Jeanie style.Kanye West had a message for photographers. canada goose clearance sale

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