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In a dozen seasons with the Boston Bruins, Mike Milbury established himself as a thug, an enforcer and aggressive player on the ice. During one memorable game, he established himself as all of those things off of the ice as well by climbing over the plexiglass into the stands and hitting an unruly fan with one of his own shoes. Milbury was one of three NHL players suspended for multiple games for that incident, also paying out a $500 fine as well.

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At Georgia Tech, Yongsheng Chen, an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil Environmental Engineering, has an innovative and ingenious plan to flip the script on wastewater. Put simply, his pilot project will deploy next gen nanotechnology to create a "smart" membrane capable of filtering out the unwanted whatnot (pathogens and other nasty things), leaving the phosphorus and nitrogen beloved by plants. The subsequent clean, nutrient rich water will irrigate urban hydroponic veggie gardens.

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