He was also a NJ State Champion in football and basketball

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canada goose store So are the sins of fornication." It is written in the book Barqa that the hadths "Three things (when looked at) put varnish on the eyes: Looking at a verdure, at a stream, at a beautiful face" and "Three things strengthen the eyes: Tinging the eyes with kohl, looking at verdure, and at a beautiful face", state the use of looking at people who are hall to look at. In fact, looking canada goose elrose parka uk at nmahram women and girls weakens the eyes and darkens the heart. As informed by Hkim, Bayhaq, and Ab Dwud, a hadth i marf conveyed by Ab Umma radallahu 'anh declares, "If a person, upon seeing a nmahram girl, fears Allah's torment and turns his face away from her, Allahu ta'l will make him enjoy the taste of acts of worship." His first seeing will be forgiven canada goose store.


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