She almost called the police until the dad told her he was

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replica bags bangkok He never regained consciousness and was pronounced brain dead the following day. The cause of death was determined to be blunt head trauma.Crown alleges that single punch was an assault committed by the accused, Lawrence click here for more Sharpe, and that it was delivered upon the encouragement of the accused, Oldouz Pournouruz, said Smith.Toxicology tests revealed that there was an amount of fentanyl in Page Vincelli blood that was in the range, she said.Michael Page Vincelli is seen in a photo at a makeshift memorial outside a Starbucks in Burnaby in 2017.Smith told the jury that the Crown evidence includes video footage from inside the bank and the Starbucks, including the fatal assault.A teen testified Monday that she and several of her then high school classmates were selling doghnuts outside the bank for a charity when they witnessed a loud argument between a man and a woman.The replica bags wholesale india teen said she heard racial slurs and lot of swearing between the two people involved in the dispute.Asked by Smith as to what racial slurs she heard, the teen replied: can exactly recall any of the racial slurs but the words immigrant stick in my mind. Teen said the argument began with the man throwing a cigarette butt at the woman which resulted in the woman throwing the cigarette butt back at the replica bags online pakistan man.She described the demeanour of the two as being towards each other.The teen said that the woman said outside the bank that she would get her 7a replica bags wholesale boyfriend from inside the bank and that he would hurt replica bags in china the man involved in the argument.The woman entered the bank, then left with a man and went towards the Starbucks, said the teen.Asked about the demeanour of the man and woman heading towards the Starbucks, the teen said they appeared to be said she didn see the man and woman enter the Starbucks but saw them leaving the coffee shop and again they appeared to be rushed replica bags bangkok.


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