There’s nothing here that was not on the table 35 days ago

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replica bags supplier Back row, from left: Assistant coach Rmi Harvey, assistant coach Jack Larocque and coach Matt Easton. Missing from the photo are trainers Suzanne replica kipling bags Gadoury and Michelle Tees and manager Melanie Bidal Mainville.GUELPH The Timmins Tornadoes spun their way through the competition in a number of divisions at a recent ringette tournament and returned replica bags pakistan home with a pair of gold medals to show for their efforts.The Tornadoes U16A and U19A entries captured gold medals in their divisions, while the U12, U14 and Open A teams worked hard and had fun all weekend, but failed to medal.The U16A Tornadoes came out prepared from the first drop of the ring in Game 1, in putting together a 4 0 round robin record.During their first game against the Dorchester Dragons, Marguerite Bourdages Cot and Gabri Larocque each had hat tricks to lead their team to a hard fought 6 3 victory.The win was hard to achieve despite the score, after the Tornadoes lost a key defenceman to injury midway through the game.Game 2 was a competitive contest, as it involved a match against their northern rivals from West Ferris.Pride was at stake. It was a battle of endurance for the defence, with the three remaining defensive players rotating for the entire game.Caelen Easton stepped up with a hat trick in the 8 4 win for Timmins.Marguerite Bourdages Cot and Gabri Larocque chipped in with two goals a piece replica bags supplier.


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