That event was also rescheduled for March

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Hermes Kelly Replica Obama was scheduled to stop at the Moda Center on Saturday to promote her new book, "Becoming," but organizers announced Friday afternoon that the event will be postponed until Tuesday, March 19.Tickets purchased for the original date will still be honored, and no exchanges will be necessary, organizers said in a news release.Amanda Mann, General Manager for the Rose Quarter, said the decision was "made from an abundance of caution and concern for everyone involved," and was done in cooperation with city officials and tour organizers.Obama also sent a tweet about the cancellation Friday, saying she wanted to make sure everyone could make it replica bags to the event safely. "Be careful out there this weekend, everyone I'll see you soon!" she said.The cancellation in Portland comes one day after Obama canceled another tour stop in Tacoma for the same weather concerns. That event was also rescheduled for March.. Hermes Kelly Replica

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